Wednesday, September 22, 1999

Where's George?

Some of you have asked why you haven't been seeing my humor emails lately, asking if I'm OK.

Well, it's been busy out at Rancho de Porge.

My division of GE (and other divisions too) will shut down their operations here and move up to new central quarters in Cincinatti. Actually, they'll be south of there, in Erlanger, Kentucky. I chose not to pack up and go with them; my benefits would be reduced, the working conditions wouldn't see much improvement, and it just isn't worth the hassle for less of the same. So I've been training newbies, shipped down South to study the ways of the Ancient Ones.

I've been pushing hard to get my Microsoft certifications finished up before then. I've been going at this kinda half-hearted since last summer, and passed one of the NT exams, but I still have 5 exams to go. I'm taking night classes (and Saturdays) and I'll be finishing the exams in a few more weeks. Just in time, too, as it turns out my last day at GE is October 8th. I don't have my next job lined up yet, so if you know of something appropriate please let me know.

I'm going one step beyond Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (specializing in NT). I will also become a Certified Trainer. I feel strongly that is what I was always intended to be, especially when I look and see that I've been teaching at some level all my life.

I've submitted an article for publication on TechRepublic, a very good website at and they say they're running it on Thursday. It'll be about tech support, and how to work with a caller's subconscious mind. I hope you'll look for it. The site requires a subscription to get to most of the goodies, but it's FREE requiring only that you register. I won't get rich from what they're paying, but it's nice that they took it at
all. I've meant to try authorhood for ages, now I wish I'd done it sooner. Who knows, might amount to something someday.

My band has been rehearsing for our big music video shoot coming up this weekend. It'll be a big deal, a professionally lit & produced 3-camera shoot. This will cap a lot of pressure and preparation, but will be very useful in getting more work. The market we play for demands this kind of high-budget approach. We hope to find a web host big enough to post the video as well as
our audio samples.

Of course there's the usual stuff that keeps life busy too; my car quit (EGR valve, now fixed), my motorcycle is now fixed (thanks to Larry & Birney) and just in time for great riding weather that I won't get a chance to enjoy, there's all that leaf-raking and deck-staining and general stuff to do about now, as well as finishing my exams and getting employed. I'm literally gone from 07:30 to 22:30 six days a week when my band is playing. But things will settle down again soon, and I can breathe some relief with new circumstances and prepare for the next batch of challenges.

Oh, and my Mom's coming to visit from Oregon. Those of you who know her might want to call or stop by.

That's most of the news for now. Thanks for asking, and I'll try to get some grins out to you again soon.

Beware the barrenness of a busy life.
-- Socrates