Monday, March 03, 2008

Finally, a reason to like Fox News

One has to chuckle a bit at blatant hypocrisy, especially when it comes to pandering. Fox knows what the "conservative" audience wants: good ol' T&A to break a sweat over, while putting on the appearance (partially to themselves) that it's all in the name of showing it so they can condemn it. Fair? To whom? Balanced?!? Does that mean, "both cups are D"?

Hey, if Fox is good for showing this stuff, then I guess Larry Flynt is a saint. And a lot more interesting. And, I have to say, a LOT less hypocritical than the slimebags like Newt Gingrich and Larry Craig, who got famous for doing the exact things they publicly condemned. But I wish Fox would grow a pair (show a pair?) and admit that they do what they do for the exact same reason as Flynt, which is "supply and demand". Would it hurt so bad to say "Fox News: because we know what cranky, repressed whites over 50 like"?

Actually, the perfect combination would be to have Flynt report on Fox News, rather than the other way around. Considering the reduction (not total lack) of pretense and pretention, that'd actually be a huge improvement in journalistic integrity. Here's a funny little sample, an ad for O'Reilly's "No-Pants Zone". And since Flynt is "fair and balanced", here's his take on ABC News too.

Anyway, go have some fun. You know you want to, baby.
Larry Flynt's "Free Speech" site
(be sure to check out the "Ad Parodies")
Republican Sexcapades, episode #1
(more here)

PS. I had never been to Flynt's site before, so don't start on me. Never had a reason to until just now. But I must say, he's a guy who has done more to defend our American freedoms, in his tasteless way, than most of Washington. Be fair and balanced - I report, you deride. Hey, I just realized I'm just as "fair and balanced" as Fox News, for the exact same reason: because I said so.

*UPDATE!* Now you can add NY guv'nor Eliot Spitzer to the list of prominent scum like Gingrich and Craig. Yup, when he's not busy "cleaning up the streets", it seems he likes to get something else professionally cleaned. The unusual thing here is that this guy was not the usual repressed, coiled-spring, double-life Republican, but a Democrat with a history of busting white-collar criminals and polluters, and a fairly progressive track record. I wonder what he'll be doing for the rest of his life? Oh, wait, Fox News can use him as the carefully chosen (meaning disgraced, idiotic, or both) Democrat to "balance" their real viewpoint from their new favorite boy, Karl Rove.

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