Sunday, February 29, 2004

Cool Links & General Update

Here are a few diverse and interesting links, taken from the W2K techie news. Enjoy!

This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff.

Homeland Protection: Bomb Vest and Briefcase Bomb Training

Change the face of this lady with this face filter. You'll question photos from now on.

What is ID Theft and how to file a complaint. US Govt Site:

In Search of the Perfect Pork Martini. Repulsive and funny.

"Haiku is all about nature. True haiku all contain a "seasoning word" indicating the time of year, to put the reader in the proper frame of mind. It's not just the number of syllables per line that makes a poem haiku." Here are a bunch of true haiku which all seem to support that idea.

Good-Bye Old-fashioned Mouse Pads... get the GopherCentral Mouse Pad.

Aerial Photos From World War II Online. Taken from the air, often at low altitude now available on the Net. 5,000,000 shots are being posted, covering every facet of the war. Give it a try at:

For Techies. Cool network calculators!

Here is a list of known but unpatched IE holes.

The latest, unique addition to your cubicle warfare arsenal:

And finally, last night I went to see my friend Sarasota Slim at Darwin's. The article in Creative Loafing was right; as promised, he delivered a really enjoyable show as usual. The special bonus treat this time was that his Hammond B3 player couldn't make it, so Slim brought a phenomenal 16-year-old guitarist named Rick Lollar from Tallahassee. This kid knocked my socks off! His playing was perfect in every way - perfect tone, dynamics, phrasing, articulation and taste, with amazing speed when sparingly and artfully used. With my eyes closed I'd have sworn he was Larry Carlton. Then he started singing, and that was pretty good too. Keep an eye on this one!

Best wishes, I hope to see you all again soon.

This week's schedule:

Monday - Open Jam at Blue Moon Pizza with Larry Griffith
8PM-12 2359 Windy Hill Rd Se Marietta, GA 770-446-5219

Wednesday - Blues Jam at Darwin's with Lola Gulley
9PM-1AM 1598 Roswell Rd. Marietta, GA (770) 578-6872 Voted 2003 "Best Of Atlanta" - Creative Loafing On Hwy 120, 1 mile east of The Big Chicken.

Friday & Saturday - Country & rock with South River Band
(includes former members of Barry Richman Band) Mickey Dee's, Covington GA 770-385-9880 Just off I-20 exit 90, in Save-Rite shopping center, behind Waffle House

Remember to vote, see you soon! George

I notice that "rights management" never favors MY rights.
One easy page to validate virus & chain-letter hoaxes:
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