Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Moonie Terrorists

By now everyone's heard about how Boston completely wet themselves over a few Lite Brite renditions of a cartoon character. Here's a funny video depicting exactly what they must've been thinking: (click it)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I've been naughty

I know, I should've posted updates long ago. I will do better, I promise, and I will backfill the stuff I should've written about since September. Meanwhile, here's what's up:

I'm still doing my radio show on Radio Sandy Springs, and you can still download the previous two weeks' shows.

Monday, Feb. 5th, I was the *Special Guest* (ooo!) on the Music Pro Show, an extremely well-done podcast by Brian Stephens. He wanted the inside story on being a pro, the good bad & ugly, and I obliged. Some bits of music too. You can download the show from his website, http://www.musicproshow.com

Starting Friday, Feb. 16th, I'll be doing a regular Friday night gig as the George Price Trio at Little Alley in Roswell.

More later...

Random thought: The ferocity of a dog's name is often inversely proportional to the ferocity of the dog. (a trembling chihuahua named Shredder, or a 200 lb. pitbull named Fifi...)