Friday, May 05, 2006

Great music coming to Roswell May 5th

Hi Friends, I know I just updated you a few days ago but there's a great show, a world-class show, coming to Roswell tomorrow (Friday the 5th). I know, it's Cinco de Mayo (spanish for "help, I'm sinking in mayonaise") but there's more to life than waiting for hours in an overcrowded Mexican restaurant.

Steven King (not the author, this one is scarier) is one amazing guitarist. In fact, he's the National Fingerstyle Champion. He has earned quotes such as "And I thought Joe Pass had chops!" (L.A. Times jazz critic), and "King knocked us silly" (Guitar Player magazine), and this one:

"From 1968-1982 I wrote 33 articles for 'Guitar Player.' I have more than 8,800 jazz guitar recordings and nearly 2000 jazz guitar videos. I feel qualified in saying Steven King is the greatest solo guitarist I've ever seen or heard!" - Robert Yellin, music professor & Guitar Player Magazine columnist

Sound like someone you'd like to experience first hand? You can. I just checked, there are still some tickets available. I bought some, but I left some for you, my friends.

Check out some clips:

Steven King In Concert at The Forum @ Langford Sound & Stage
633 Holcomb Bridgde Road
Roswell, GA 30075
SW Corner of Holcomb Bridge & Hwy 9
(2 doors down from Ken Stanton Music)
Friday, 8-10PM
Advance tickets $22, or $25 day of show
See the info here:
Buy the tickets here:

The Langford Sound & Stage complex is a great new venue, making use of an old movie theater much like Variety Playhouse, but with TWO stages, decent facilities for the talent, and a recording studio. I am excited to have all this in my own backyard, and I want you all to check it out and help make it the success it deserves to be. Roswell has been a musical black hole for far too long.

The Tuesday jam at Nik's Place went very well; having Rich "Nooch" Ianucci on Hammond organ does tend to liven up an evening. Tony Langford and Doug Easterly were on hand; Doug, an accomplished solo singer/guitarist, sat in for some blues, while Tony took in the vibe. Then Big Robert T (Atlanta's winner of the International Blues Competition) did an electrifying set. Tony & Doug looked like the guy in the old Maxell ads, the one in the chair with his hair and necktie blowing straight back. I'm guessing Tony didn't see much like that back in the UK. Doug said the next day he "got schooled", but I told him that's OK, the jams are where we all go to school. I will definitely have Nooch back. Tony loved the whole evening, and wants me to set up a Sunday night jam along the same lines at Langford; we're working on that.

And speaking of Sunday night jams, Sundays have been "soundcheck" nights at Langford. Open at 6PM, all ages, free admission.

In other news, belated congrats to Rashaan Griffith on the birth of his son Miles. Congrats also to Grandpa Larry Griffith, who recently emailed me that he's got new management and is working on a record deal.

There's a slim hint of a whiff of a possibility that I'll be doing some duo work with Andrew Black. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, Andrew does a mean solo set at Tavern On The Bridge on Wednesdays.

Reminder: I'll be playing with the lovely & talented Marlyn Campbell at Birdi's this Sunday afternoon, 4-6PM. The food is good, and the vibe is pure party.
Birdi's On The Square
115 Sycamore St. Decatur 30030 404-371-9906

George Price Band open jam & Meetup
Nik's Place (The Back Porch)
645 Whitlock Av. (aka Hwy GA-120)
about 1 mile west of Marietta Square, across from Waffle House
good food, free parking, free Wi-Fi, nice patios
Marietta GA 30064 770-792-6666


That's it for now. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or write me.

Final thought: If you're gonna drink too much tequila on Friday, bear in mind that a hangover is largely dehydration. Drink some Gatorade before and after the party, and some the next morning, and you'll feel much better. Works for me, anyway.