Friday, May 13, 2005

Music Report for May 13, 2005

Hi Friends, sorry to hit you twice in one week but here's stuff you gotta know right now.

Congrats to Ken & Elena at The North End Pub. They have been named among the Top Ten in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's A-List competition - not once, but in THREE categories! But whether they come out on top depends upon how YOU vote. Friday is the LAST day you can vote, so please do! I quote Ken:

We just found out THE NORTH END made it into the top ten on AJC's A-LIST competition in 3 categories!!!

Unfortunately voting for the best in each category began on May 2nd and it ends on May 13th. You can vote once each day so we are behind in the voting. We could really use the publicity so we are asking all of you to vote as often as you can over the next few days.
When you vote it will ask for your basic info as part of their contest but you can select not to be contacted by them.

Here is the link-

These are the categories we are TOP 10 in -
• Live music club
• Neighborhood bar
• New club

Ken and Elena
Well now, that's impressive! Those of you who've been out already know, the rest of you should come see & hear for yourselves. If only we'd known sooner that the voting began on May 2nd.

NEXT ITEM: I'm scheduled to play Rexx & Harry's BBQ Blues Party this Saturday, May 14th (I understand I misquoted the date in my previous email) with Larry Griffith, in the 3:30 PM timeslot. I've already sent you all the directions & such, but if you need them again I'll be happy to resend to you. Remember to bring your outdoor stuff - blanket, sunscreen, bugspray, and maybe a chair, favorite drinking mug, camera and binoculars might be handy. We will be recording for a live CD, and we want lots of you to be part of the joyous crowd noise. Previous years' CDs will be there for sale (along with various other good stuff). You don't need to pack food or drink, it's all you can eat & drink for $20 (proceeds go to WRFG Radio).

Of course, I want you to save just enough energy to come party with us at Kennesaw Billiards on Sunday night, and I'll also see you at The North End on Tuesday.

Finally, a bit about Geoff Achison, who delivered every bit of the astonishing show I promised you before. First he played a solo acoustic set that contained all the percussion, bass, rhythm and melody you could want - alone. Folks, I've been doing this for 40 years and I am still amazed at what I saw him doing. Some of you were there, you know what I mean. Then the band came up and they did two more long sets. How he kept up that much energy for one set let alone nearly 4 hours is beyond me. Barry Richman joined him for the last two songs, and that combination was beyond description. Too bad if you missed it.

That's all for now, REMEMBER TO VOTE NOW! LAST DAY!
Here is the link-

Best wishes,
George Price

(PS, although I'm rarely up early enough or late enough to hear it, the Good Morning Blues show on WRFG 89.3 FM from 6AM to 10AM is MOST excellent! It'd be just lovely if you call them at 404-523-8989 during the show and tell them how much you enjoyed the Saturday party. While you're at it, request some Larry Griffith music. If you get Blackjack, AJ, or Bill or Pat Hudson tell 'em I said hi. Thanx!)