Tuesday, April 23, 2002

General update for April 23, 2002

Howdy family & friends, I've been getting "where are you" emails so I guess it's time to write. This is just a general update on what I've been doing, and a couple good public performances coming up.

I'm a grandguy again. Terry & Jennifer Mabry had twins, Cooper & Jillian, in early February. Over 12 pounds of babies! They're both gorgeous, of course. Jillian has had problems holding down her formula, but she's getting better; doctors say this isn't unusual, and is usually outgrown soon.

It seems I'm a full-time musician now. It wasn't what I had in mind when I took all those computer certification exams, but the way the market has been... what can I say? You know the old saying about "don't quit your day job" but when your day job quits you, what else to do? The shocking part is that the pay is at least double what I was looking at in the computer industry. I actually saw ads requesting certified computer technicians for $7 an hour, helpdesk $9.50, LAN admin $12. Pitiful. Even as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, the only offer I was getting was less than half of what I was used to.

I have taken over Mike Martin's guitar students at Ken Stanton Music in Roswell (a 1.5 mile commute, gotta love that!) while he goes on tour with the band Janah. I've also gained a few more students there, and have also opened two other days at Do-Re-Mi music school in northern Norcross. I'm now teaching 6 days a week, but my schedule isn't fully condensed so there are still some slots available in both locations. Please tell your family & friends that I'm available.
Ken Stanton Music: 770-993-8343
Do-Re-Mi Music: 770-729-9882

I'm still playing in the Bridgepoint Church Band on Saturday mornings, and I'm starting to get calls from other churches too. Daddy-o-Strut is still playing private parties, but some of my other band opportunities have dried up temporarily. Straight Up has folded (after eight successful years), as has The Hybrids. I haven't heard from Karen Newell or Octavia Jones in ages. My best wishes to the good folks in these bands, and I hope to play with you again soon. Changes bring opportunities. I haven't done anything with the George Price Band project in a while, I'm going to get back on that and will let you know.

Also, my six-month stint as jamleader at Darwin's came to a close a while back - that was a great gig! Not much money, but playing there with my friends and getting even a little money at the end of the evening was like being paid twice. The quality of the music and the general vibe was... indescribable. Thanks to all who were a part of it. I still go on most Wednesday nights, after rehearsal with the Big Band.

Speaking of which, the Kennesaw State University Jazz Ensemble (the Big Band) has 3 shows coming up, 2 of which are public. The first is tomorrow, Wednesday the 24th, at KSU's Stillwell Theater. Time is 8PM, but I'd suggest being early as this will involve another band and their families too; seating and parking may be an issue.

We'll also be performing in the KSU Legacy Gazebo on Sunday May 5th (Cinco de Mayo!), a free outdoor show that is always wonderful if the weather cooperates. The gazebo show is like a mini Chastain Park, so bring a lawn chair and picnic supplies. (I'm pretty sure no alcohol is allowed, so don't bring obvious-looking bottles). I'll have details for you on that show soon.

To get to KSU: Go out I-75 to Chastain Road, turn left, then take the first right on Frey Rd. For campus maps, see http://www.kennesaw.edu/maps/

And finally, the sad news that my mother, Nina Price, passed away on March 17th, St. Patrick's Day. I was back in Oregon for most of March tending to her, and then her household, along with my brothers and sister. Those of you who met her know how sweet and special she was, but I assure you it was only the tip of the iceberg. In going through her things I found evidence of nearly 90 years of passionate learning and extraordinary accomplishment. For many of you, she actually had filed clippings saved under your name, of subjects she knew you were interested in and wanted to send to you or discuss with you next time she had the chance. Too bad this is the only way you hear about it now. Her funeral was filled to overflowing. To say she'll be missed is a pathetic understatement.

While in Klamath Falls, however, I did meet up with old friends (a little TOO old, maybe? heheh) and had some good therapeutic musical sessions. Shouts out to my friends & mentors Dave & Bev Clawson, and thanks for the use of your guitar & amp. I found, and jammed with, the Klamath Blues Society. And if you're ever looking for something to do in Klamath Falls (and who isn't) you should definitely visit Mood Swing, The Club. My bassist buddy Ron Houck survived our high school big-hair rock & roll days, found singer Pam Jones, and put together a great little intimate supper jazz club. I played a whole evening with them and Trevor McConnell (hope I remember his name right - an amazing guitarist I truly admire) the night before I left, and Ron recorded it and says he will be making CDs soon. That and the epic after-hours jam (until nearly 4AM!)we had a few nights earlier were the high points of my year so far, and the perfect therapy for such a dreadful month. My biggest sincerest gratefulest thanks.

Well, this was a lot more than I intended to write. All the best to you, and I hope you'll stay in touch.

your friend, George Price

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