Friday, April 27, 2007

A Good Month for Radio

I've had some great guests on my radio show recently - in the last few weeks I've interviewed TGZ guitarists Dan Toler (Allman Brothers, Gregg Allman, Dickey Betts & Great Southern) and Ed Zinner (Southern Legend); Australian guitarist/singer Geoff Achison; soul singer Al Strozier (Sam Cooke, The Houserockers); and Jeff Carlisi (founding member of .38 Special, founder of Camp Jam music education camps). Whew! More good stuff to come, too. You can download these shows and listen to them on your computer or MP3 player:

Jeff took the extra step of having a follow-up lunch with me two days after the interview, and we had a really enjoyable rapid-fire discussion of all sorts of music industry topics including downloading, crooked management, the family stresses of road life, copyright law issues (keep an eye here for more on "reclaiming" your copyrights), Creative Commons' novel new alternative copyright protections, and Jeff's induction into the Krystal Hall Of Fame (he's even on the side of the Krystal box now!) We hope to start recording our own little podcasts where a few veteran musicians (no more than 4) gather around a table and a few drinks and tell our road stories. Sorta like what I do on the radio, but without commercials or any fear of what the sponsors might say if we speak freely. There are a LOT of great stories that need to be collected, this will be good. One idea that brought a grin - calling the series "Chats With Jack" because we'll be gathered around a bottle of Jack Daniels. Hmm, maybe we could have a sponsor after all...

My thanks to ALL the great guests I've had on my show since it began on Jan. 31, 2006.

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