Monday, November 15, 2004

Music Report for Nov. 15, 2004 - New Venue

Hi Friends,

There's finally something cool going on in the Alpharetta-Cumming area.

I'm hosting a new jam at The North End in north Alpharetta, at the corner of McFarland Rd and Atlanta Hwy (Hwy 9). It's supposed to be a bluesy jam, but as you know, "things happen" when musicians follow their muse. The host band consists of me, Theron Peterson on drums, vocals and harmonica, and Gates Nichols (of Confederate Railroad) on bass. The sound is kept sweet by Tweek (also of Confederate Railroad) who makes the stage a joy to play on, and to listen to.

Recent guests have included Andrew Black, Barry Richman, Greg High, Terry Bradford, Mike Hinton, Brad Jeter, Lara Polangco, Leszek Wawer and more. The performances have been epic! They will be back, and more players are coming out as word spreads.

Oh, and the FOOD! Everything I've tried so far has been way too good, and quite filling. Come hungry and enjoy. Lots of nice beverages too.

Players, bring your instrument (except drums, of course). We have a couple amps, but you can bring your own if you like. Listeners, just relax and have fun with us. No cover charge. We start playing about 8:30, and bringing the guest artists up after the first set.

Super Easy Directions: From the south, come up 400 to McFarland Rd (exit 12 I think). Turn left across 400 and go until the road Ts into Highway 9. You're there. From Gwinett, come in on Hwy 20, turn south on 400, and go two exits to McFarland. From other directions, adapt what I just said. Here's a map:

Please feel free to forward this to anyone who might enjoy a good time.

best wishes,
George Price

PS, as for my other gigs, I'm still also playing Wednesday jams with Larry Griffith at Fee-Lay Gumbo (near Town Center Mall on I-75, see This weekend I'll be doing some Chicago gigs with Lola, including opening for (and possibly playing with) Buddy Guy. Last night we (Lola) took 2nd in the Atlanta qualifiers for the International Blues Challenge. So close! Next weekend, I'll be with the Elvis trio ( doing a few shows in Memphis on the Memphis Queen riverboat. Other gigs come & go, I'll keep you notified if something extra cool comes up. I hope to see you all soon!

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-- Horace, Roman poet and satirist
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