Friday, December 17, 2004

Music Report for Dec. 17, 2004 - Holiday Superjam

Hi Friends, if you've been to any of the Tuesday jams at The North End you know how good they have been. Well, they're about to get better! We have a special event coming this Tuesday, Dec. 21st, as our old friend Jimmy Dormire of Confederate Railroad will be back in town. If you don't know Confederate Railroad, you haven't been paying attention to country music - they've earned lots of awards and nominations (including Grammy) and multi-platinum album sales. Jimmy is a scorching guitarist in all styles, and we'll be havin' a big time. Don't miss out!

More about Confederate Railroad: (read the "About" section) or just Google 'em and see how many hits you get...

Add this talent to the fine house band I'm privileged to work with (drummer Theron Peterson and bassist/keyboardist Gates Nichols, also of Confederate Railroad) and all the talented guests who've become regulars there (Andrew Black and Barry Richman, among many others) and you can see it's gonna be spectacular!

Our soundmeister, Tweak (also of Confederate Railroad) has gotten the stage and the room to sound really good, and has been experimenting with digital recording of the music there. He tells me he has fancy new recording gear on the way. If it arrives in time, this evening may just turn into a live CD, and it'll be a good one.

Now, to my guitar and bass students - I know most of you are still under 21, but I've checked and it's OK for you to come out with your parents and enjoy the show. Some of you may even get a chance to play with us. We're starting this special evening at 8PM, and there's no school the next day. C'mon out, I want you to see this up close, meet the players, and see how we do things.

OH, and be sure to try the food! I'm not kidding, it is WAY above average, and the kitchen stays open late.

The North End Pub & Grill
5970 Atlanta Hwy (Hwy 9 at McFarland Rd.)
Alpharetta, GA 30004 678-867-6750

Super Easy Directions: From the south, come up 400 to McFarland Rd (exit 12). Turn left across 400 and go until the road Ts into Highway 9 (Atlanta Hwy). You're there. From Gwinnett, come in on Hwy 20, turn south on 400, and go two exits to McFarland and turn right. From other directions, adapt what I just said. Here's a map:

That's enough for now - I have another very cool jam to tell you about at Kennesaw Billiards on Wednesday nights, but I'll save that for another post.

best holiday wishes,
George Price

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