Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another great night at The North End

Last night's weekly Tuesday jam at The North End was another winner, though it didn't feel like it to me at first. After a bit of warmup, though, things started to heat up nicely. Andrew Black and Heaven Davis both visited early on, but neither sang this time. Pete Waddell turned in a fine frontman performance, he gets better every week; likewise, newcomer Rich Tomanio has been playing bass with solid authority. A couple guitarist evacuees from New Orleans sat in and did a very nice bluesy set! I wish I had written their names down. They'll be in town another week or so, before they have to return to whatever's left of their lives. Larry Griffith told me we'll get an influx of quality musicians here, it seems he's quite correct. It only makes sense for musicians to choose Atlanta for refuge and possible relocation.

And finally, our Midnight Madness set went a little farther than usual - we had Theron Peterson on drums, Zoom on bass, Terry Bradley on slide and Gates Nichols and Keith Barnhart on dual keyboards. I brought out my redhead (or 'copperhead', depending on mood, just like the real ones) Ibanez hotrod guitar, and that just put me into the Hendrix mood. My pedal system has all the right Hendrix tones, and it was only natural to go into the feedback, spacey sounds and severe whammy-bar abuse that made Jimi famous (think Star-Spangled Foxy Purple Voodoo Banner). We did other things too - a funky, reggae version of "Thrill Is Gone", for instance. And I think I can say with confidence that "Bo Diddley" has never before been morphed into "Smoke On The Water". Another satisfying night.


Rich T. said...
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Rich T. said...

It was definitely a blast George. We jammers should be thankful for what we get to do. We play on great equipment, with great musicians but don't have to do any of the setup work. It doesn't get any better than that.

Next Tuedsay I'm goiing to take a nap so I can make it to Midnight Madness!

davidfisher6932 said...
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Robert and Sheri said...

King George,
So glad to see that you have a blog now. Robert and I really enjoy your music and look forward to seeing you again soon.