Thursday, February 16, 2006

Music report for 2-8-2006

Hello Friends, it's been a while since I updated you.

The George Price Trio shows at Nik's Place and Woodstock Live (aka Firehouse) went very well, thank you. And thanks for all the kind words from those of you who came out and made the show better by being there.

Last Saturday with Heaven Davis at Jake's was interesting. It was a four-band show, headlined by Randall Bramblett (formerly of Sea Level, Greg Allman, Steve Winwood, Traffic reunion tour, and much more). The first band was a competent acoustic (bluegrass?) group that reminded some of us of "O Brother Where Art Thou" (in a good way). The second band, Goddess Rocks, was also competent in general but most memorable (also in a good way) for its inclusion of a striking 6-foot redhead ballerina, wearing a tutu with tall boots, and playing flute. Turns out she's a ballet instructor too. Then came our set, which we were all pleased with, and then Randall's. Let me make this real simple: if you learn that Randall Bramblett is playing somewhere, GO! I bought the latest CD, and it hasn't left my player since (except briefly, when I needed it while interviewing him on my radio show). Randall did great keyboard work (mostly juicy Hammond/Leslie tones) as well as electronified sax and guitar, and all the vocals. There were technical troubles galore, but the only thing that was obvious to the crowd was a bad mic cable that kept making huge pops, making the band jump as if shot - they were wearing in-ear monitors, and the pops were about like a shotgun blast to them. The band carried on like troopers through the smaller problems (most of us didn't even notice) and delivered a fascinating show. Randall will be opening for Bonnie Raitt later this month and doing one leg of the tour with her.
Check em' out:

Those who read my blog, or are members of the Musicians Meetup Group, already know I have a new radio show. It's called The Music Scene, and it's Tuesdays at 1PM on Radio Sandy Springs, 1620 AM. Chances are you won't be able to pick it up, unless you live in Sandy Springs, because they transmit on a matrix of 1-watt transmitters scattered around the town (in order to be a micropower station so they don't have to deal with the FCC). However, the station streams on the web at I play music and interview interesting musicians such as Randall Bramblett, Keith Barnhart (of Chaka Khan, Quincy Jones, Janet Jackson), and Heaven Davis so far. Upcoming guests will include Davy Hewitt (Peter Frampton, Humble Pie), Beau Hall, and more as I can get them lined up. Fun! The shows are being recorded for future podcasts, as we get that service organized.

The Musicians Meetup Group is doing very well - in fact, just a few members away from being among the top five such groups in the WORLD. You know I've recommended this group, mostly on optomism and faith at first, but it really has become a powerful force for good. Last night's jam at Nik's got two "industrial" musicians (heavyweight film/TV production composers/producers) together. One of the jammers was an actual bigtime Hollywood guy (former producer of Hollywood Squares, among other projects). Working pros, basement studio musicians, fun-loving amateurs, all getting together, having fun and making valuable connections. Check it out at:

Speaking of last night's jam, it was VERY active and well-attended. I don't know what made everyone decide to come out at once, but it was great. Every Tuesday, Nik's Place is THE place.

Tonight, Wednesday, is your chance to come hear Andrew Black & The Believers (Andrew, me, Jon Schwenke, Ricky Fargo). Very nice spacious venue, nice sound (professionally run by the fabulous Tweak), excellent food & drink. We'll also be there Saturday, which will be a very busy night, so if you prefer good music in a less crowded scene you should come tonight.

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