Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Secret Oil-grab Revealed

Here's a little gem from revealing a (deliberately) little-known maneuver by our (deservedly) unpopular White House.

PS, some of you may remember me saying in 2003 that Iraq was not "all about oil", any more than it being all about WMDs (which other, more dangerous nations definitely had) or oppressive regime (which other, easier-to-conquer nations also definitely had and have). Of course, the oil and its machinery is of huge interest to Bush's employers (major campaign contributors in the oil and oil equipment industries) and puppetmasters (let's see, who owns a lot of stock in Halliburton?) who apparently still write a lot of our foreign policy, but it's obviously oversimplifying to say the war is "all about oil".

I still believe, and I'm believing it more each day, that Iraq was intended to be a forward base for American military power to keep a thumb on Iran if not invade them directly. That would be an absolutely idiotic and nationally suicidal move that I sincerely pray Dubya will not be persuaded to attempt. But then, it was idiotic and nearly-suicidal to pull troops out of Afghanistan to start a fight in Iraq to begin with, and he doesn't seem to be a fast learner... This could all get much worse, much more easily than getting better.

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