Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Getting Gas

It's about 3AM, and I just returned from a trip to the gas station. I happen to have the luxury of living a half-mile from a QT, so I took this opportunity to avoid the lines and chaos of the same station during daylight hours. I only got about seven gallons, at these prices I don't want to pay for gas I don't need, and we all know we need to ration ourselves so there'll be enough gas for the buttheads driving Hummers and Suburbans and Escalades who do more than their fair share in the battle of supply and demand.

The herd hysteria has been amazing, even worse than the way Atlantans get when there's a possibility of snow and proceed to mob the grocery stores. (Oddly, they make a run on anything white - milk, eggs, white bread, etc) We're told that the current gas shortage is caused by panic that there might be a gas shortage. So do we drive less? Apparently not. Do we respond to a shortage of gas by sitting in lines, running our engines? Ayup. Does this make sense? *shrug*

I'm reminded of FDR who said "We have nothing to fear but fear itself". The logical responses to this shortage are crowded out of our brains. We should be staying off the roads, making other plans, changing our behavior patterns until we get this under control.

Hmm, something else from those days: the billboards and posters that said "Is this trip really necessary?" would seem to be ripe for a comeback. Above is a shot of the poster version. Here is another, that could easily be updated.

I also noticed this gem of history on the Georgia Secretary of State website while researching voter stuff:

This Week in Georgia History:

On September 22, 1918:

In an effort to save fuel for use in World War I, Atlanta’s city gasoline administrator prohibited driving on Sundays, except for emergency vehicles. There were no criminal penalties, but police officers were asked to keep track of Sunday motorists and newspapers printed the names for public ridicule.

So, just some snacks for thought. Please, everyone, no matter how the rightwingers snicker at you, remember to check your tire pressure, clean junk out of your car, don't drive 80, and most of all don't make trips you don't need. There's a thousand other things you can do too. Our addiction cannot be solved just by throwing more oil at the supply side, we have to trim down on the demand side. Or else.

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