Sunday, November 06, 2005

Good times at the Decatur Wine Festival

The Saturday afternoon gig with Heaven Davis couldn't have been sweeter. The event, as I learned when I got there, was the Decatur Wine Festival. The only problem on an otherwise perfect day was that the event was sold out and my friends weren't allowed in (although they did all find ways in). Many thanks to my several groups of friends who came out and used their ingenuity to enjoy a beautiful autumn afternoon and a bit of good wine tasting. My friend Michael Davis (no relation to Heaven) took this photo (click the photo for a larger version), he says he has more and I'll add them here as I get them. The players were Marty Kearns, keys; Jerry Z, bass; Joey Dukes, drums; myself on guitar, and of course Heaven. The big pink thing is a handrail. It's gotta be tough getting a shot as wide-spread as we were, with columns everywhere. I can tell you that playing inside a gazebo is a lot like being inside a satellite dish, the curved roof focused the drums right down on top of us. Our amps and speakers sent sound directly out the sides, so were not affected by the roof. We're told the sound out front was crisp and well balanced, but inside the gazebo - fugeddaboudit! *shrug & grin*

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