Friday, November 11, 2005

Music Report. for Nov. 11, 2005

Hello Friends,

This weekend I'll be playing with Larry Griffith at Doc's in Marietta on Friday and Saturday night, then Sunday at the International Blues Challenge (we're scheduled for 4PM). See links below. This will be my second pass at the IBC, I competed last year as a sideman in another act. I hope you'll all come out to root, hoot & holler; there will be many great acts there, so anytime you come is gonna be a good time just so long as you don't miss us. My compliments to the Atlanta Blues Society for organizing this event, it can't be easy for them. See links below.

The weekly jams at The North End just keep getting better. Carlos Capote of The Breeze Kings (5-time winner of Creative Loafing's annual polls, top-10 finalists at International Blues Challenge, and more) came out 2 weeks ago for the anniversary party, and this week he brought his guitarist Jim Ransone with him. Those guys ripped the roof off the joint! Looking around that night, I realized I had Carlos & Jim, as well as Jon Schwenke (another IBC winner with Delta Moon), a multi-platinum keyboard player (Gates Nichols of Confederate Railroad), another multi-platinum keyboard player (Keith Barnhart, who did Chaka Khan's "I Feel For You" and much more), and many others. People, ya just gotta BE there!

Also getting better is the Wednesday night show with Andrew Black & The Believers at Tavern On The Bridge. Our old friend Tweek has been coming out to perfect the sound, and he does make that big system sound amazing! Come see what four top-notch artists in a great-sounding room can do.

Last week I did my first show with vocalist Melanie Massell, at Dailey's (downtown Atlanta martini & cigar bar). She called 4 hours before the gig, when I was up to my arms in clorox and deck stain, but I made it through the !@#$! Friday traffic and we had what I consider to be a fine musical evening with Melanie, myself and her regular accompanist Arthur Turner on piano. I'll be doing more shows with her in duo and trio format. Melanie is an amazing singer, check her out at (don't miss the sound samples). My first duo shows with her are at Grape (Phipps Plaza) in December, I'll keep you informed.

WARNING! Computer users who play CDs on their computers have been shocked to learn that Sony/BMG CDs install hidden software on their computers. The software is not only spyware that tells Sony what you play, but it uses a clumsy cloaking method that's just good enough to evade anti-virus tools, while allowing other virus writers a free ride into the system. If you're just good enough to find the hidden files and delete them, you'll cripple your system! And, the alterations to your Windows system that allow viruses and other scumware to stay hidden will still be in place. Furthermore, if you want the patch from Sony to remove the spyware, you must fill out forms and give them personal info, and when you get the patch it tends to crash Windows and by some accounts damages the Windows system making it even more unreliable in the future. Be warned! Japanese sneak attack! Major lawsuits are pending.
A quick Google on "Sony CD software" reveals LOTS of press on this.

And finally, I was surprised and honored to have my "How To Sound Better At Jams" article chosen by for a front-page feature listing. You can see that and much more of my work at

That's all I have time to tell you at the moment. Stay tuned and I'll see you at the shows!

best wishes,

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