Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pleasant Surprise Videos!

Looking over my web stats tonight, I see that I had a visitor come here after looking at a video on YouTube. Oh really? So I checked it out, and was very pleased to see that Ellen Hamby (a diligent fan of the Atlanta music scene who shoots and posts lots of performance videos) had actually captured a three-song performance I did at the final Darwin's Wednesday Jam. Joined by Terry Bradley, Jon Schwenke and John McKnight, we did a short but (I believe) scorching set, which I thought was lost forever, but Ellen's Eyes see all! Ellen, you rock!

This one is my favorite:

(Ellen has over 550 videos posted on YouTube so far, covering several years of Atlanta's blues scene, and several other musicians she just likes. She drives a lot and spends a lot to come out and support live music; she's just the kind of fan that musicians hope to have someday. Those who know of her various acts of kindness think very highly of her. And if you call her "Hotlips Hamby" at just the right moment, you can make Bailey's squirt out of her nose.)

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