Sunday, May 04, 2008

Someone in Eugene?

Some of you may know that I'm an Oregon boy, and lived in Eugene for a few happy years before moving to Seattle and then to Atlanta.

So when I see that this week someone in Eugene spent hours looking over what appears to be my entire blog and its years of archives, I'm intrigued.

Mystery guest, sign in please - are you an old friend? One of my cousins? Use the Comment icon below and let me know.

This reminds me, I've got a lot of great old Eugene stories for you. Like, how I used to play in the actual frat house where Animal House was filmed, right next to University of Oregon (and, I've also played the Dexter Lake Club, and my Aunt Joanne is somewhere in the parade scene). I might tell you about the 3AM phone call I got from my drummer (rooming with Cray's) to come party with them and Belushi. Or how the Blues Brothers were actually a product of a chance meeting during that filming, because Robert Cray and Curtis Salgado and friends were the house band of The Eugene Hotel where Belushi was staying. In fact, if you look you'll see Robert playing bass in The Knights, which also featured local music luminaries (and nice guys) Robert Bailey, Sonny King, Tommy Smith, and Ron Steen. Belushi took that inspiration (some say "stole the act lock stock & barrel") and ran with it, pretty much causing the blues resurgence in the late 70s and early 80s. Or how Kenny Gorlick used to play there with Jeff Lorber, before he became Kenny G.

But there's no time to tell these stories properly right now, maybe later. Meanwhile, who's my mystery guest? Mitch Matthews? Dave Mischak? Monti Amundson? Drix Rixmann? Or do you know them? Speak up!

go Ducks!



I should have known I couldn't remain completely anonymous these days on the internet.
Wasn't going to "sign in" but knew you were wondering who you knew that still lived in Eugene. I am surprised you didn't think it was any of your old girlfriends.
How did I happen upon your blog? and why now? Well.. My friends think it is funny that I have a "checked" past.
You know the one, where I chase this guy and his band all over the Northwest and beyond. Where I sell all my worldly goods to a 2nd hand store, park my brand new Toyota behind some random gas station to live in Alaska for months with this band. Anyway, we were shopping last month in Charleston, S.C. (we go there 2-3 times a year)and my friend Melinda buys me a tee shirt. I'm sure you've seen it, it is a Life is Good shirt and it says "I'm with the band" they all think this is hugely funny. They said "have you ever googled him" I said something like "you idiots you can't google someone with that common of name and find him"
Long story short, I did and you were on the first page. When I got home I got nosy and read all your stuff. Then you got nosy and wondered who was getting nosy with you, so now you know and your mystery guest will sign in here.....Sandie (Menke)

GeorgePrice said...

Well I am stunned. I didn't suspect an old girlfriend because, frankly, I didn't think any would want to find me (except maybe for some well-deserved revenge). I'm glad you did, Sandie, I was thinking just the other day (not for the first time) where I'd be if you hadn't made that huge wager with me that I wouldn't really enroll and attend college, and then helped me do all the school and financial aid paperwork. That and a hundred other things you did that helped me then and made ripples that run through my life to this day. Thanks for everything, I'm sorry about everything else, and I'm glad you found me so I could say so. My email is moonstone7 at gmail dot com so tell me how you've been, how's your family?
You're not the first old friend to find me, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to clean up some old messes, to acknowledge helps and hurts, to cleanse my conscience a little bit here and there. It feels good. I suspect I'm not the only one who's had some "My Name Is Earl" moments, probably everyone but the worst egomaniacs and pathological deniers feel that way from time to time. I hope everyone reading this will take a moment to reflect, and then hit Google or Classmates and do what you feel is right.
I promised in an earlier post I wouldn't compose after 3AM anymore, so I'm going to quit now before I say something stupid, and I hope I haven't already.

Anonymous said...

Well......I have e-mailed you twice, no answer, don't know if you got them or maybe you think I am a stalker. Here's my address if you want to try that.